Why is there such a demand for car insurance with no deposit? Well, if Al Capone was still alive he would have an office in Slough and he would sell car insurance. What a racket.

There is a captive clientele; we have no option but to buy it, if we want to drive a car. It is horrifically expensive; prices have risen by around 40% for many people just over the last 12 months alone. It is riddled with fiddles; the compensation culture which the insurance companies blame for much of the increase in premiums has been actually encouraged by those self same insurers who have drawn fortunes from the claims companies they have introduced to their own clients. Everyone has grown fat on the proceeds except the person at the bottom of the pile; the motorist. It is hardly surprising that millions of us can hardly afford to pay a deposit on our car insurance, let alone the full balance.


Well, now that that rant is out of the way, how do we get round this? Simple, by using a price comparison engine which not only finds a selection of the lowest priced policies to suit our needs, but also allows us to buy it over the following 12 months without our having to put down a huge deposit. After hundreds of years of selling insurance based on a single premium every year, paid in advance, many insurers have come round to the idea that if so many motorists genuinely have difficulty in paying for their car insurance in this way, there are going to have to start offering monthly payments. A small number of price comparison sites now specialise in offering policies that you can pay for in this way.

After you have filled in an application form which only takes a matter of minutes you are presented with a list of insurance policies, with not only the normal premiums but also the cost of monthly repayments. Most insurers charge more for monthly payments than they do for full, up front ones; sometimes these extras are quite heavy, sometimes there are not too bad and every now and again they are waived completely, usually as part of a special promotion. You can select the policy which looks to be the best one for your needs, but once you have done that it is very advisable indeed that you study the policy details (there is invariably a link to these) before making your final decision on whether or not to go ahead with the transaction. You not only need to ensure that you are covered for everything that you want to be covered for but you also need to take a careful look at any extras that you could be charged. These can include quite hefty charges if you need to alter any of your policy details in the future, such as your address, job, driving record etc; and if any of these change it is absolutely essential that you do inform your insurers as soon as possible since not doing so can give them grounds, under certain circumstances, for refusing claims. Of all the complaints that are made about car insurance companies a very high proportion concern extra charges; and in the vast majority of cases the motorists only have themselves to blame because they did not read the policy properly in the first place.

By using a dedicated price comparison engine you will be able to have the best opportunity of finding for yourself a good number of suitable policies to choose from.

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